Hands of Change

Hands of Change (2001)

Saanich series
Screen print (serigraph)
Limited edition of 150
15"(h) x 15"(w) print
18"(h) x 18"(w) paper
Price Can$160

Acceptance Mark
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As Salish people we understand change.
It is a common thread in all cultures.
We recognized the signs of nature that preceded the changing seasons.
We were companions on this Earth.
Bending and blending with the ebb and flow of life.
As a planet and as people we cannot live without change, it makes us grow.
When I was young I knew eventually I would change too.
I would age and I would someday die.
Thinking about it was like standing in a river with the strength of the current rushing towards me.
It was exhilarating. And it was emotional.
Tears would well recognizing the intensity of Life.
For me, Hands of Change holds this understanding.
This is my first print and it shows my movement from a Northern influenced art to a Coast Salish style of design.
This is a big moment of Change with my art.
And this is a powerful time of change in my life.
This print represents my never ending learning path.
It leads me to heal, it shows my strengths and weakness, it confirms myself and my family and my friendships.
Hands which have changed pulled me into this life.
And they will lead me out.
I've watched important people in my life come and go.
My parents, my cousins, my friends and family.
Sometimes I was forced to change, it felt like I wasn't ready.
But other hands reached out for me then.
Hands that held, hands that soothed.
Hands that have seen so many changes.




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