Healer (2001)

Saanich series
Screen print (serigraph)
Limited edition of 150
15"(h) x 15"(w) print
18"(h) x 18"(w) paper
Price Can$160

Acceptance Mark
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On a family camping trip one summer, in Lytton, BC,
I saw a snake catch a frog.
With it clutched in his mouth he swam steadily upriver.
As a boy, I was profoundly affected by this image.
Then my Dad told me a beautiful story.
It was taught to him by my Grandpa Chris.
It's the story of Frog, Snake, and Plantain.
It goes like this:

A man walking down a worn path was stopped by the rustle of grass ahead.
Struggling before him was a snake and frog.
In a last attempt to flee from the snakes grasp,
Frog leaped high and crooked.
Snake sulked off without his meal.
Frog sat scared and injured.
He hobbled close by to a common weed.
Wrapping himself in the ribbed Plantain leaf he lay to heal his wounds.
When the man returned later that day he watched Frog unfurl his ribbed blanket and hop away unharmed.

In my culture Frog is Healer.
Frog ties with the element of Water and connects deeply to our emotions.
Their songs heal and cleanse.
Plantain has traditionally been used for wounds, sores, and poisonous bites and stings.

The colours and image are true to the Nature of Earth.



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