Liam Bear

Liam Bear (2003)

Memorial Drum series
Screen print (serigraph)
Limited edition of 100
12"(h) x 12"(w) print
15"(h) x 15"(w) paper
Price Can$120

Acceptance Mark
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Our son, Liam was born on a full moon. It was special because it was in a month of a blue moon in a year of two blue moons. As my wife began her labour I glimpsed a snow owl swooping in the night. I hugged her and told her of its meaning in our culture, of death and rebirth. My son Liam was born that night, his middle name is Gabriel. The next day, the Great Uncle who he was named after passed on. It was the most bittersweet time, the joy of my son, the grief of Uncle Gabe's passing. This blue bear encompasses his moon energy and draws its strength from a powerful dream my wife had before his birth of a mother bear and her cub walking through a naming ceremony on our property. This is the story my wife wrote...

...a time in Liam's life when he was changing from baby to a boy
Through the old Oak and Cedar Trees ... A Mama bear sauntered with her two young cubs. "Mama," said Liam Bear, one spring day. "Where did your Muck go?"

Mama Bear stopped walking through the forest and sat on her haunches. She gathered Liam Bear into her arms, for she knew this was a very important question. His little sister sat and listened too.

"Mama's milk is with Sister Moon, she needed my Muck to help feed her many star children."

"But I want our Muck back" said Liam Bear with a very concerned face. In his gruffer than gruff voice he said, "I'll go up to Sister Moon and get your Muck back!"

Mama Bear could see that Liam Bear didn't understand.

"Sister Moon ASKED Mama if she could have my Muck, Mama said your little sister, KwaSeeNeeAh Bear knows how to eat honey and berries, grubs and salmon now. So Mama SHARED her Muck, so Sister Moon could feed her many star children."

Liam Bear thought and thought. "I'll share MY berry juice with Sister Moon so she can feed her star children!"

He quickly hopped off Mama Bear's lap, scrambling through the purple camus and golden dandelions, in search of the dainty wild strawberries.

His little sister stumbled behind him. "Wee-Um, Go?" she asked her Mama, who could easily keep up with her little steps.

"Liam Bear wants to share Berry Juice with Sister Moon," she answered.

Beside a worn path they ate strawberries and leaves. KwaSeeNeeAh Bear curled up beside her warm furry Mama and closed her eyes. Liam Bear tumbled about, through a hollow log and around the leafy Indian Plum.

They saved some Berry Juice in a buttercup for Sister Moon and her many star Children that night.

In the morning Liam Bear recalled a special dream; Of the star children twinkling so brightly in the deep blue sky, of Sister Moon glowing her milky glow, of the trees swaying with the breeze, and sister bear, KwaSeeNeeAh, nibbling ripe berries.

He cuddled up to his Mama Bear that cool dewy morning and asked with a twinkle in his eye, "Mama, where did the Berry Juice go?"




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