Rebirth (2001)

Saanich series
Screen print (serigraph)
Limited edition of 150
15"(h) x 15"(w) print
18"(h) x 18"(w) paper
Price Can$160

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Two circling salmon arched around a spindle whorl,
rich with the colours of the river.

It is said that the Salmon People took pity on our lives and gave themselves up to save us: The Saltwater People.
We pay homage to the salmon and rejoice in its life cycle.
There is a solid story within our culture that will continue to go on forever.
It is nature's rhythm that follows life; from birth, youth, maturity, aging and then, to death.
We are born from the waters of our mothers and return to the soil or the winds of our earth.
Like the salmon, we return to the River of our birth.
We may struggle and heave our way there.
We may float in the eddies and rest in the shallow pools.
We may have times of struggle balanced with times of harmony.
No matter what has gone on in our lives, eventually we return home.
In the middle of this image are two spirits, coming and going.
The salmon and the people, both come and go in this lifetime.
Salmon has a special call, to come home.



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